Hi. Just an avid reader. Moved from Visual Bookshelf to Shelfari, booklikes and Leafmarks … giving up and starting own blog here.

  • Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon — October 2020
    Boy it’s strange to remember how excited I used to be for this. To be locked in at home and just read for hours, LOL. I just finished a run to the airport. Rather strange to just drive past the Las Vegas Strip without stopping. In terms of planned snacks, also a bad idea because […]
  • ★★★★½ “Emerald Blaze” by Ilona Andrews, Hidden Legacy #5
    Neither did I, but unlike Leon, I would be highly unlikely to shoot each of them through the left eye “for symmetry reasons.” REVIEW – I am still loving the “Hidden Legacy” series from Ilona Andrews. I never warmed up to the Kate Daniels books despite liking some of the short stories. But this one […]
  • I’m back. Booklikes is not.
    I started this right in time for our current plague and lost some motivation. Sadly, my main book site (booklikes) is now defunct. Not even sure I can get to my blog posts there to move to this one. At any rate, I should be more active posting here. And on other book sites as […]

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